Hello again!

It’s nice to see you! We have been so busy over the past two (?!) years since I stopped updating this blog. I am hoping to start writing again and turn this into a space to post what we’re doing as we begin some “preschool” activities at home, as well as sharing our adventures around the Twin Cities.

Thanks for stopping by! Here are a few more recent photos of Wren…



Passport Outtakes

We got Wren’s passport for our upcoming Canada trip last month, which was easy enough in and of itself.. Getting a good photo, however, was an exhausting and maddening experience. The requirements for babies and kids are the same as for adults – looking directly at the camera, neutral face, no smiles, both ears showing, eyes open, white background, etc. This is completely ridiculous and very difficult to achieve. We took hundreds of photos and selected what we thought were a few good ones, printed them, and went to our appointment. The clerk thought they wouldn’t be accepted, so we decided to have her take the photo we would use. We paid and she took one photo – ONE photo – and got the perfect shot on the first try! As if it was the simplest thing ever. We got her passport in the mail last week, with the perfectly good photo from the passport office. Good enough for us! Here are some hilarious photos we took while trying to get that perfect, passable photo – I promise not to use these as blackmail in the future.

_MG_6822       _MG_6829

IMG_6964       IMG_6934

IMG_6919    IMG_6908

IMG_6874    IMG_6954

IMG_6949    _MG_7223

_MG_7216    _MG_7240

Nine Months

Nine months. 39 weeks. 273 days.

wpid-2014081495081731.jpg       _MG_7130

Today is a bittersweet day – today you have been outside of my body for as long as you were inside. Thirty nine weeks ago, you entered this world (the outside world) for the first time, and exited the world my body had built for you. What we had known for nine months ended, and we were both abruptly changed – thrown into this new world, this new life. A new life as a mom for me, and your new life out of the warm, secure safety of the home my body had created for you. Today, nine months after that day, I could not be more thankful. That day transformed me into a mother – your mother – and I’m forever grateful for that.

IMG_7104       _MG_7406

wpid-20150506_083452.jpg       wpid-20150427_105654.jpg

At nine months old, you are busy busy busy. You are so active and love to move. You are army crawling everywhere and you also know how to crawl for real, but you choose not to do it. You must have some strong arm muscles! You use anything you can find to pull yourself up and are just beginning to cruise along furniture. You have figured out how to get both on and off the bed safely, and do it as many times as possible. You are the noisiest baby I have ever met. You love to yell and talk. If people stop paying attention to you in public, you will give them a reason to look at you. You are always babbling, but now you can also repeat “ba ba” for bye and you sometimes say hi. You can say “mmm ma” and “da da” too! You’re starting to use sign language as well – you can sign more and all done, and you will sign milk for anybody who is not your mommy! You can wave hello and goodbye, and you love to practice your waving skills all day, over and over. You do this really silly scrunchy face grin lately that is absolutely hilarious.

_MG_6764       _MG_6973

wpid-20150402_075551.jpg       wpid-20150513_0838310.jpg

You have started having crazy giggle fits over silly things like being tickled, shoving your hands in peoples mouths, and playing peek-a-boo. You played peek-a-boo this morning with daddy in bed by hiding behind the curtain and then looking out at him, which you thought was so much fun! You still love animals and will shriek with excitement when you see a cat or dog. We have some bright colored shape magnets on the fridge and you love to take them off, we’re still working on how to put them back though. You love to leave messes for mommy to clean up. You will pull things off the coffee table, out of baskets, and out of the bookcase. You love reading books and your favorite toys are your soft IKEA food, boxes, any small toys that you can throw, and anything stick-shaped you can chew on. You learned how to tear napkins and that’s one of your new favorite activities. You love water and have spent quite a bit of time lately splashing in a small tub of water with some toys. You’ve also started taking showers with mama and think it is so much fun! We are still going to concerts, we went to see the Okee Dokee Brothers perform with the MN Orchestra in April with your nana and some of our baby friends. It was very cool to see them and visit Orchestra Hall, even though you slept through half of the performance.

_MG_6999      wpid-20150420_131401.jpg

wpid-20150427_105938.jpg       wpid-20150429_092227.jpg

You still have two teeth, just the two front teeth on the bottom. But that doesn’t stop you from eating everything! You love bread, blueberries, cheese, apple slices, and eggs currently. You also love anything that can be in a pouch or cup, like smoothies, yogurt, and applesauce. You will eat anything that is put in front of you, even if you sometimes steal it and then don’t like it (like jalapenos!!) which leads to some funny faces. We try to let you eat anything we are eating, unless it’s unhealthy, so you get to try lots of interesting foods! You’ve tried Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Thai food recently. You loved all of it! You still love water and love drinking from cups and glasses. We are still nursing and love it. It finally seems like we are over the “nurse all the time every day” stage and you can go a while in between nursing sessions, which allows me time to get more things done. Or just cuddle with you! You are still using the potty and we now have a toilet seat reducer for you, so you can use the big toilet when we’re out of the house. You were a little scared of it at first but act like it’s no big deal now! It’s so cool that you know how to use the potty and don’t have to go in your diaper and be uncomfortable as many times each day. And you look so relieved and proud every time you use the potty!

_MG_6978       wpid-20150509_152328.jpg

wpid-20150508_074806.jpg       wpid-20150430_074256.jpg

We took our first family bike ride recently, which was a ton of fun. I just learned how to ride a bike after falling a few times, so you ride on your daddy’s bike. You love your little bike seat and squeal with excitement and laugh whenever we go biking. Last weekend I took you hiking and wore you on my back, you slept for a good portion of the hike but loved it when you were awake! We are hoping to go hiking, biking and camping quite a bit and you seem to love the outdoors, so I’m sure you will have a ton of fun! We have been spending a lot of time at the park lately, you love to swing and are starting to go through tunnels and down the slide with help. You mostly like to crawl around and watch other people play. Your grandma and grandpa came to visit and stay with us for a few days and you loved having them here. They were so amazed at how big you are and how many new skills you’ve learned. You learned new things just in the few days they were here! Next month, in June, we’re taking our first road trip to Canada to visit some of your daddy’s family and we can’t wait to see everyone and have our first summer vacation together!

_MG_6729       swing

bike      _MG_7451

This last month, and especially these past two weeks, have been amazing. You have learned so much and developed such a personality. It’s been incredible and so much fun to watch you learn new skills, gain new traits, and start to become your own little person. I love you and am so very glad to be your mommy. Thank you for being my sweet girl, my little love, and my baby bird forever.

wpid-1431615186696.jpg       wpid-20150501_122128.jpg

_MG_7349       _MG_7147

Our First Mother’s Day

To the sweet girl who made me a mother:

Thank you, my tiny little bird, for being you. I am so proud to be able to say that I am yours and you are mine. You bring me joy everyday. You are so sweet, curious, busy, hilarious, and charming. Watching you grow, learn, interact with the world and engage with those around you is the most special thing I could imagine. As much as I brought you life, you also brought life to me. I see the world differently now, and I have since I first knew you existed. Thank you for the laughs, smiles, hugs, and tears that you bring to our lives. The quiet moments and the loud. I love you, now and always. You will forever be my little bird.

wpid-20140814_191702.jpg     wpid-2014081495165905.jpg

wpid-2014081595142306.jpg      wpid-20140817_161622.jpg

wpid-2014082995141707.jpg      wpid-img_12520875034640.jpeg

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wpid-20141227_181129.jpg     wpid-20150401_134637.jpg

Eight months.




Wren is eight months old! She is so happy and so incredibly busy! She has her two bottom teeth in the front, and loves to test out her newfound biting ability. We are still nursing, and she’s decided bottles are toys, rather than milk delivery devices. We are still doing baby led weaning and LOVE it. She loves food! She wants anything and everything we are eating, and lately her favorites are raisins and any raw vegetables. We got her a small weaning table and chairs from Ikea so she can practice sitting at a table, and small silverware, bowls, and glasses for her to practice using real dishes.




Wren started pulling herself across the floor this month, and over the past couple weeks that has turned into kind of a creative army crawl. She is going everywhere and getting into everything! Our days are spent following her to make sure she doesn’t get stuck under a chair, pull a plant over, or chew on any cords. We had our first experience with the stomach flu but thankfully only Wren had it and it wasn’t too severe. Seeing her healthy is such a relief!




We have still been doing elimination communication and Wren is rocking it! She goes on her potty often throughout the day, mostly after naps and night time. If we’re good at getting her to the potty quick enough, we can sometimes only go through a few diapers a day! Wren is obsessed with cats and we’re working on learning to be gentle with them. We’re still doing sign language, and she is definitely understanding the signs – last week she dove for my chest when I asked if she wanted milk!




Wren is hilarious, active, lively, and so much fun. She loves to smile, yell, and snuggle. These eight months haven’t been like I expected then to be, and I wouldn’t change it at all! It’s hard to believe that in a few months, we will be the parents of a one year old!




Six Months of Wren

_MG_5562 _MG_5621 _MG_5662

At six months old, Wren is so much fun! She knows how to roll both ways, from her back to her tummy, and from her tummy to her back. She can mostly sit unassisted, although she tips over sometimes when she gets too excited to remember to stay sitting! She doesn’t hate tummy time anymore, and can scoot herself around on her tummy in circles. She’s learning lots of new ways to make noise and use her voice, including screaming and babbling. She loves to blow raspberries and spit bubbles.

_MG_5688 _MG_5653 _MG_5677

Wren is always smiling and laughing. She loves to be tickled and have raspberries blown on her tummy. She smiles in response when you smile at her, or talk to her. She always laughs when she is bounced on her daddy’s knees or lifted up high in the air. She LOVES food, and we’re doing baby led weaning. Her favorite foods so far are pears, apples, and broccoli. She wants to eat anything we’re eating, and will do whatever she can to get our food! She knows how to drink from a cup, and likes to try to hold it by herself.

_MG_5704 _MG_5568 _MG_5840

She still hates getting dressed and prefers to be as close to naked as possible. She loves when people sing, and she loves “dancing” to the songs. We started ECFE, and she loves seeing everyone there, along with our friends at mom’s group! She’s starting to be scared of strangers, especially people who don’t look like anyone she knows, and she prefers people with glasses and men with beards. She is a very happy, curious baby who wants to be involved in whatever everyone else is doing! She will play with her toys for a while, but mainly she wants to be where everybody is. She loves tags, glasses (both for drinking and for seeing), and sticking her hand in people’s mouths.

_MG_5938 _MG_5966 _MG_5926  

Happy half birthday, our sweet little bird. I love you and am so happy to be your mama! The day you were born was the most exhausting, emotional, love-filled day of my life so far. Thank you for bringing so much love, joy, laughter, and happiness to your daddy and I! We can’t imagine our lives without you.

_MG_5984 _MG_5591 

_MG_5897 _MG_5977

Como Zoo

We went to Como Zoo with my mom and our friends T + N this week. It was Wren’s second time at the zoo, but the first time she slept almost the entire time! This time she was very interested in the animals, and able to focus on watching them. It snowed, so she got to experience that, too! We didn’t make it to the conservatory, but I’m hoping to go there with her soon! Seeing green is refreshing and encouraging in the middle of the brown/white winter here in MN!

Tropical Encounters


_MG_5716   _MG_5708

_MG_5719    _MG_5725



_MG_5726    _MG_5728

_MG_5731    _MG_5733 

_MG_5767    _MG_5775


Big Cats

_MG_5739    _MG_5750

_MG_5755    _MG_5763

_MG_5765    _MG_5766

_MG_5757    _MG_5761